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thinking, allen. thank you. how about checking the conditions, janu..allen was speaking from caltran, about the bridge closure possible and not as long as next weekend. >> we are going to see some rain. temperatures? mild. 53 degrees in san francisco. and 57 degrees in oakland. and a chilly 40 degrees in santa rosa. 52 degrees through the livermore valley. where should only see about 60s. antioch is one of the places where we will see 70's. mid-60s for the east bayshore. and along the coast in the north bay
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we are expecting 71 degrees in santa rosa. 69 degrees for san rafeal. if you're going to go to the giants? we should seek not intermittent or temperate weather into later tonight. with rainfall chances later, but let us go back to marty. >> let us to--talk about the giants facing off the 4:37 with the st. louis cardinals. mike pelton is live at mccuvey's it is very popular for giants fans. >> good morning, marty. ibm @ walnut creek and they are ready to go. you can see i am in walnut creek -- they are about one hour away from
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opening. the seating is in the shape of a small at&t park. the giants return home tonight as they face a must victory the no. 6. the cardinals, advance to the world series with the wind tonight. if san francisco has a victory? they will have a game again tomorrow. hal however, global safogel sor will be on to the pitcher's mound tonight. you can expect plenty of giants fans at the at&t park tonight. perhaps the home court advantage they will play in front of that amazing crowd. i am going to go out on a limb and there are four to probably some giants fans at
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bars and kerstin restaurants. >> there are probably going to be spirited fans -- and also other area restaurants. >> correct thank you. the cal bears were defeated 21-3 yesterday. yesterday was the 115 chapter. stanford ran 25 2 yds. and this is the third straight time that the cardinals beat the bears. they led the all-time series with 58-47 with 11 times between both teams. they will try to turn it around playing utah and stanford will play washington state. >> coming up the substitute teacher has been arrested for grabbing students by the throat, allegedly. this live look. the view from mt. tam. we will be right back.
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>> welcome this scandal at the port of oakland. this trip to the strip club was written off as a business expense. he has been on paid leave. it was $4500. this was an 2008 and the state of texas. this receipt was submitted that this was for dinner. they have not commented since it was made public last week. >> of the port of oakland executive is also on paid leave. >> police in fairfield have arrested a substitute teacher after grabbing elementary schools by the throat and the neck. loe yaou.. was arrested joe yaou.. the students told
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their parents about the alleged incident. the school district is conducting their own investigation. >> george mcgovern remembering. when we come back. a beautiful look outside we are going to be back.
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the new this morning. this senator has died. he ran for president in 1972. he lost to nixon. senator mcgovern passed away at hospice in south dakota. he was surrounded by family and friends. he was also a bomber pilot in world war ii and critical pivotal in
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the worl and vietnam war. despite watergate he also was beaten by nixon. he lived until 90 years old. the third and final debate on monday in florida. they are both getting rea at that will focus on foreign policy. this is one of the last major chances for both candidates to reach undecided voters. they are probing the debate at camp david and men from the is also getting ready with his advisers. >> you are going to be able to watch go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2.
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>> we can take a look at the bay bridge. >> some high clouds and sunshine. the camera is shaking a bit but we could even see rainfall. however monday it is going to be heavy for the north bay. and tuesday some showers clouds and sunshine. with partly sunny skies it tapered off on thursday. we can see those clouds already are showing and. that wet weather the futurecast
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showing the increase in cloud coverage. this is indicating widespread overnight rainfall that could impact the monday morning commute. the yellow is indicating moderate downpour. however it will be fast-moving by 11:00 a.m. if for the evening hours. that is the first of the system. there is another system on tuesday. there is another system on wednesday. chilly, but 40's & 50's. and we could even see some 70's but not that many areas. mainly 60s. widespread 50s and upper 60s on the los gatos. and low 70's in places like antioch,
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pittsburgh. mid-60s and san leandro and hayward with a mixture of '60s and '70s in the upper you are your kron 4 7 day around the bay wet weather until wednesday. >> airport officials at lax had to address a bomb threat. they took the aircraft to eight isolated area of but it was clear. they are looking for who made that phone call. they took the aircraft to eight- isolated. a. >> this body was found lead saturday. authorities suspect that it is a suspected gunman. moses entered the family's house and fired 10 rounds. the father and his son were
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killed. a woman and children were wounded but there are expected to survive. he has had a dispute on the property with this family. >> the white house is willing to negotiate over the nuclear ambitions of iran. he will prevent the nuclear weapons by whatever means necessary. in an effort to get a un security council on going. they could continue to face crippling economic sanctions. tehrann have requested the talks until after the presidential election. >> despite talks in east jerusalem the construction of the least 800 new apartments, a military college and condominiums are climbing this. european
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union are criticizing israel's planned. benjamin netanyahu says he has every right to build in this area. in jordan and explosion has killed a least 10 people and injured dozens more. this was the old city center of damascus. and it is also a christian minority section. there were talks with u.n. peace talks about the civil war. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend much more news when we come back .
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among the 49ers are off. however that big game for
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the giants. the jaguars are planning at the coliseum. cal was defeated last night. curry was pre-injured on friday night. this was part of the same ankle that kept him out of the 40 games last year. this injury continues. they are hoping that he is going to be able to play this season. he also to renter re-enter the season bu the game--but he was held up as a precaution. the official season for their team starts october 31st. >> the diamondbacks picked up some of center fielder choice packs. they say that this does not necessarily mean that the current center
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fielder coco crisp is an series. >> louisville slugger is continuing a 100 your tradition. they have made that for the world series since 1903 the national league winner will be made on monday. the detroit tigers commemorative louisville slugger will already ma have our luggage being made. much more news. -- more louisville sluggers have been made with the detroit tigers logo in anticipation of their victory. walnut creek. there sunday brunch and a later, the big giants game, we will be back.
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good morning! wow.
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the cardinals it is came six of the n l c s. the giants have to have a victory to keep their momentum alive came seven is tomorrow. to get you more news faster, mike pelton. he is reporting live from mccuvey's >> yes they are going to open in about 30 minutes. that matt cain jersey is being displayed here hoping to see matt cain again. he is expected to pitch again. the giants will return home and take the field at 4:37 ryan vogelson walk got the start. his counterpart is cris carpenter of the cardinals. ryan vogelson of -- start today. if san francisco will have a victory tonight there will square off again tomorrow.
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with the home field advantage is certainly of sorts at the cubbi--mccuye's it has been staged to look like a miniature at&t park. if you can see there is a mark mcgwire jersey. from the cardinals. it is mixed in with all of the giants year. certainly, there is some representation of the opponent. >> that is about all they deserve. according to giants fans. >> there are going to be some cardinals fans intermittent. thank you, mike pelton. how about checking out the forecast for the rainfall. this live look at the san mateo bridge. it is still closed.
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it is scheduled to open tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. and they are on the schedule. and janu? >> good morning this is the san francisco sun shine with showers and store for this evening. taking a look at the temperatures. san jose, 40's. 40 degrees in santa rosa. 52 degrees to the livermore valley. it will be pretty mild. '60s and '70s for the east inland valleys in the south bay. mid-60s. for the north bay also mild. 70 degrees in napa. 60s expected for at san rafael and napa we do have the rain chance is how it could impact the bay. coming up.
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>> thank-you. police and san francisco have arrested two men in connection with an armed robbery in the usually quiet all ballpark or three teenage victims had their cellphones, wallets and keys taken at gunpoint. no injuries. the suspects were arrested a short time later. there was a suspicious device and one of the vehicles and it was not an explosive. >> cellphone robberies are on the increase across the country. in san francisco police said that nearly one half of all robberies cases have been cellphone related. they have accounted for 40% in new york city. stolen/lost phone are costing consumers $30 billion. in addition for reselling the try to gain access to bank accounts. wireless carriers are going to launch a database of stolen phones. the
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information on it will be permanently disabled. for your health. more fungal meningitis deaths according to the cdc 23 have been reported. so far, 284 people have become ill. three different joint inductions. it is being tied to 16 states. this medication was from a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. it has been recalled. >> federal investigators want to know what led to this and that leak long island plane crash. this- deadly long island plane crash. about eight hours near the eastern and of fire island. this was in 20 ft. of water. witnesses tied ropes to try to keep it from drifting but there were not able to get the doors open before the air craft landed.
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>> this investigation is showing for buildings that have destroy buildings and new orleans on friday. it was an abandoned two-story home and across the street and burned for buildings in that neighborhood. the fire investigators said the that one of the buildings collapsed. so far, no injuries. >> the final word on lance armstrong the titles could be coming on monday and. the international cycling union will make a public announcement this week. they will respond to the anti- doping report. it says that he has been involved in the most sophisticated and involved doping campaign. he is repeatedly denying that that decision will be made and switzerland. overnight vallejo fire. and naked men soug potted in the
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neighborhood. and clear skies and at least over the golden gate. we did have some overcast conditions and it looks like rule that changes.
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>> welcome back. we will see those clouds with even rainfall but that should not impact the sports this afternoon. taking a look at the giants and the first pitch = 4:37 partly cloudy conditions. the raiders will start at 1:30 with temperatures in the 60s. >> new for you this morning in a very strange police col. police and fire crews responding to a home north of vallejo. at 1:30. they found a knack naked man and several vehicles with broken windows. police tried to get the man to come out and they saw smoke. and a second naked man appeared with a rifle and pointed it at an officer. the officer opened fire. the man with the rifle was taken into custody. we are not sure of his
8:41 am
condition. >> stargazers have been looking over no to catch a glimpse of a dramatic light show. this was a few days ago this fireball was seen in the bay area and reports of a loud, sonic boom. from mental se sonoma all the way to mendocino and the orian system we will speak with the space center about this amazing light show. >> the report from you and saying that roadside bombs are by far the biggest killer of civilians in afghanistan. the taliban spokespersons saying that this is western propaganda. they go on to say that they only use explosives to
8:42 am
target foreign troops and afghan soldiers. there bus.. was impacted by an explosion. >> and one college graduate to surf the waves from israel to lebanon. we will chat with him, coming up. in the meantime, clearing skies.
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>> welcome back for more golden gate camera. high clouds. some breaks of sunshine we are expecting showers in the forecast. there are three different systems. the first will be tonight with heavy north bay rainfall. however some afternoon sunshine and
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showers on wednesday but it should be tried by wednesday. there are low clouds building. with cool air this afternoon and the rainfall is going to impact the north of us. it could head overnight with the cloud coverage increase. 10:00 p.m. into areas with widespread overnight. impacting the monday morning commute. you can see the moderate downpour on the yellow. pushing towards the south bay by 11:00 a.m. and scattered showers throughout the bay area, tomorrow. temperatures? chilly. 40's. this afternoon it will be mild mainly for the east inland valleys and the south-bay. half moon bay mid-60s for the east bay shores. and still mild conditions with the 60's & 70's for santa rosa. napa
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and 64 degrees expected in downtown san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay this wet weather could be tapering off by thursday. 8:47 >> 1 let me introduce you to demand that has been-let me introduce her to catch a mato a man..4-this man has written a book from the middle eastern region. jesse, why this region? >> the middle east is always in the news. just in the last couple of days civil war and violence even spilling into cereal from beirut top officials. this local news in san francisco
8:48 am
but half of what we talked about this morning it seemed to be talking about the middle east. >> you wanted to find out for yourself with a background in political science and you wrote for the newspaper. and you are a surfer. i do not know about anything surfing in the middle east. it is not exactly a premiu prime- place but he was a great way to experience the area. i applied for over 150 jobs and i could not get any. however i was able to get some leverage with this book. >> the first time the you had to put on a flap jacket >> i was on the west bank covering a protest. i had already served in northern israel and you cannot cross the border because the
8:49 am
israelis and lebanese will shoot rockets. you have to put on this jacket with tear gas canisters coming down and it is a mind experience like nothing else. as well, there is this beautiful mediterranean surf. it is it this dichotomy of the violence it is throughout this entire book. >> there's also this photograph of you wearing a gas mask. can you explain? >> yes. tear gas is prevalent. so you have to wear that so i remember on the west bank having to have my cheek on the asphalt. after getting tear gas into thinking that this is beyond terrible. >> the focus that i saw is
8:50 am
that you had a plastic bag over your head. >> that was not me that was a local villager. it was incredible and i was always told as a child cannot do that. however, that was a makeshift tear gas mask. >> what did you see that was not making the major headlines. >> what is interesting is that they do not speak arabic. and the legitimacy comes to the talking points. what i tried to do is give an experimental story on who are these faces. and that is part of the methodology. and the experience of being there, what do they do in making them. and being able to write about it with a fairly level of reckless abandonment. >> how were you greeted in that region? >> it is funny in certain ways. when you walk around
8:51 am
with a surf board, and a backpack. and the locals from israel, and a level not have that same reaction. when i walked and from israel, lebanon. that is how i got some friends with surfers and also going to take into sites where this section was hit by rocket and 20 04. this was amazing. >> having spent six months of there and speaking to the locals. what is your hope for view of where things are going? >> it is difficult to know. we are in a transitional period but is important for m americans to understand that it is not often cult is reported. we see this heavy journalism. and we need to
8:52 am
be a little bit cynical and look through that. yes, there is chaos in these transitional regions but we have to look beyond that. look for experimental pieces to make it feel what it is like. " surfing the middle east ". i love the title there is more information on where you can get this block. and also jesse's website. get the book and bloggin
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bamut and tebow >> tim tebow is a copy writing his signature pose. he does not want to profit
8:56 am
he is once people to use it with a prayer move in the right way. >> 3000 people gathered in ocean beach on saturday for the 29th annual sandcastle contr it is a f-great fundraiser. breeding 28 teams and their mentors. - bringing together 28 different teams. the art education race is half of its annual budget on corporate construction from architectural firms that find it this project. >> somebody bought a lottery ticket in south san francisco the fantasy fight is over to with a $30,000. and it is still being unclaimed. 230,000 -- those numbers 23 they have 180
8:57 am
days to claim the prize. >> coming up this earthquake rattling thousands of residents. we will have the details. and the giants fans are getting ready for the home game. and this live look outside. a beautiful day all around the bay. rainfall. janu will have the details.
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning. i am marty gonzales. perhaps you felt
9:00 am
it overnight? it was wide spread as san francisco. the usgs near king city. 40 mi. south of salinas no injuries or damage reported. >> new this morning police are looking for clues after a man of was found shot to death in his car saturday night. they found him near mission street around 11:00 p.m. that is near the popular west field shopping center. the identity was only in his 30's. >> an apparent suicide in the north beach neighborhood has forced the emergency residents to evacuate. police were responding to a possible suicide on vallejo street. when officers are ride these smelled a strong chemical smell. this was
9:01 am
near powell and vallejo. and the east bay investigators an antioch are looking for evidence after a man was found dead inside of a home on saturday. this was 2200 manzanilla with a 26 year- old man was found in the back of the home. neighbors were questioned but no details have been released. this is still treated as a homicide. there was an anonymous caller reported suspicious activity at that house. let us to take a look at the san mateo bridge. it remains closed. it is scheduled monday, 5:00 a.m. to reopen. caltran has mentioned is that it should be right on schedule and it might not need the entire weekend closure for next
9:02 am
weekend. the working crews are preparing to repair a crack that was discovered last year. there are 12 panels that are also being replaced. >> as we take a look outside at san francisco plenty of sunshine. janu? >> good morning, marty there is a mixture of sunshine and clouds. we do have some clouds waking up but we will see those increasing. breezy, " conditions and even rainfall possible. as for temperatures pretty chilly in the san jose. 54 degrees in concord. mid 40's in santa rosa. there could be 60s with mild temperatures in store. with
9:03 am
mid 60s in the east bay shores. and to the north bay we will see a mixture of '60s and '70s. '70s in napa and 60s in the san rafael and novadto that pitch is expected to be at 4:37 with the cloud coverage also expected. the time is 9:03. >> speaking of the giants is do-or-die e. they are facing against the cardinals. this big game the six they need a victory to keep it alive. game 7 will be tomorrow if they win today. mike pelton. is reporting live from downtown walnut creek. >> good morning. >> good morning. there has been a lot of giants memorabilia throughout this restaurant at mccuye's it is
9:04 am
staged to look like at&t park. brien vogelson will be the pitcher for the giants. they must win for tonight. ryan-vogelson will be the pitcher for tonight. despite the gains of and tomorrow. matt cain would take the pitcher's mound again. again the last two games will be played here. with the home field advantage hopefully full advantage will be taken place. you can see a subtle reminder of what the team did to get to this place. there's a brian wilson jersey no. 38 at the all- star. however, he is out for the injured and cobr-milky cabrera is also out because of suspension. there needs
9:05 am
to be a comeback against st. louis. >> it certainly has been a resilient team that is the hallmark of their season. 4:37 mike, thank you. >> other sports it was a good weekend for the cardinals as they beat the cal bears. 21-3. yesterday was the when 15 t h anniversary. the-115 t h anniversary game. this thi series is 58-46. there have been 11 ties.. cal will play utah. washington state will
9:06 am
take on the cardinals. >> a missing teenager in petaluma. this live look. the san mateo bridge but right on track for opening on monday at 5:00 a.
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>> the scandal at the port of oakland is spreading. there has been a second port of oakland authority has being suspended. from a $4,500 strip tease expense report submission. this was from 2008 with a dozen executives. this was in the state of texas. they did not comment and said that this was made public last week. paid leave the port executive director is also on paid leave.
9:10 am
>> this suspected joe youaw was grabbing these students by the throat and their neck. the seven year-old students were telling their parents and there is an internal investigation by the school district. >> this girl has been missing ruby mendoza was found getting into the car with her godfather. heard his appearance after her family confronted her about a possible sexual relationship with the godfather. she is a student at petaluma high school. she is 150 lbs.. coming up on kron 4 news this weekend this astronomers and
9:11 am
stargazers are very excited. we will talk about that, coming up. first, some hazy skies. recent solar activity when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out!
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>> stargazers have been looking up at northern california. this dramatic light show as this fireball was seen in portions of the bay area. from santa cruz, to amend the snow. astronomers are keeping a close eye on the sky. what is believed to be a large meteor shower. joining us is jonathan from the space center, thank you for joining us. >> jonathan, can you tell us what this means for astronomers? >> i did want to mention it that the media o media me = =ree
9:15 am
toer was not related. to the recent trials from haley's comet. there could be scenic at low horizon levels from the orian's system. >> 2:30 a.m. seems to be the best time for viewing? >> you could see meteor's all night. however, you should be able to see them crossing the sky but they appear to be coming from... depending on what direction
9:16 am
you are looking from. it (poor audio from caller) >> how long is this expected to last? >> probably for the next few days. and even for the end of next week and even the beginning from last week. the reason why this shook people's homes without a sonic boom is because it broke up into smaller fragments. that indicates that it was possibly a piece of an asteroid. at a from the exact direction it may not be the same as the or ian. >> 25 media rights could be seen per hour is that correct? >> yes, that is correc 25- metoerits'could be
9:17 am
seen a one bloc of our. >> that is correct. during- one hour. you could see 25 meteorits. >> we do not have any special viewing because the only equipment ..... is just the naked eye. looking straight up, you should be able to see it, with no problem. this is something that you will be able to see anywhere if you get a little bit away from the city lights.
9:18 am
>> thank you, jonathan. let us check at the daytime sky is. over the approach to the bay bridge. you can see some clearing. with some changes. generajohn do? >> yes, marty. we will have some showers. >> janu: we could see some breaks of sunshine. and another system by wednesday. however things will be dried out by thursday. tracking it on a satellite and radar that cloud coverage will press today. by 10:00 p.m., that read will be over san francisco and parts of the east to be short. indicating light rainfall is nearly overnight that it could become widespread. even steady. the heaviest in the
9:19 am
north bay. the afternoon highs will be pretty mild. 60s in redwood city. almaden valley and for the east bay in the valleys even the 70's and to concord and danville mid-60s for the east bayshore. san francisco will see 64 degrees. and the north bay will be a mixture of '60s and '70s. 71 in santa rosa. your kron 4 7 day around the bay we are starting of the workweek with some showers it could be steady. temperatures will warm to the seasonal average for the weekend. marty? >> new this morning george mcgovern has died. he ran for president in 1972
9:20 am
losing to president nixon. he passed away at a hospice in south dakota. --north dakota. he was an early critic of the vietnam war. despite the watergate scandal he has had a second term in one of the biggest political landslides and modern history. he was 90 years old. >> the latest in a decision 12. the third and final presidential debate. it will focus on foreign policy in boca raton, fla. it is one the last major championship dates for them to sway undecided voters. >> the final debate will be on monday. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the
9:21 am
latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2.
9:22 am
county sheriff's department is going to start using unmanned drones to fight >> international headlines but the latest between the u.s. and ron. and also this live look outside at the towers of san francisco. a hazy sky in the background. we will be back.
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9:26 am
>> the white house is willing to negotiate over the nuclear ambitions of iran. he will prevent the nuclear weapons by whatever means necessary. in an effort to get a un security council on going. they could continue to face crippling economic sanctions. tehrann have requested the talks until after the presidential. >> despite talks in east jerusalem the construction of the least 800 new apartments, a military college and condominiums are climbing this. european ---isrealis are
9:27 am
claiming this union are criticizing israel's planned. benjamin netanyahu says he has every right to build in this area. in jordan and explosion has killed a least 10 people and injured dozens more. this was the old city center of damascus. and it is also a christian minority section. there were talks with u.n. peace talks about the civil war. >> more details with a strange night overnight in vallejo. a man was naked was shot by officers. and rainfall possible later.
9:28 am
9:29 am
, welcome back. it is a do- or-die for the san francisco giants as they face against the cardinals. 4:37 at at&t park. they must have a
9:30 am
victory to forsaking 7 tomorrow. to get you more news faster, our sole reporter mike pelton is reporting live in walnut creek at mccuvey's >> good morning. you can see they are open for business. people are already excited wearing giants jerseys and coats. the area restaurants and bars are expected to be packed. both teams are putting great pitchers on the mound. ryan vogelson and chris carpenter for the cardinals. this is a must victory. they trailed by one game in the series. if the have victory tonight it will be a winner take all the size of game 7 tomorrow at at&t park the giants will be finishing this series in san francisco with a home field advantage. hear there i
9:31 am
here-there is a staging of at&t park at this venue. >> that was mike, thank you. 4:37 from at&t park. let us take a quick look outside. the san mateo bridge remains closed but it is remaining to continue to open on time on monday at 5:00 a.m.. >> good morning, marty. we could see some breaks of sunshine and high clouds right now. the increasing in cloud coverage with showers headed our way tonight. pretty chilly and in santa rosa. and already mid-40s. 53 degrees in san francisco, to 27 degrees in oakland. the same in the
9:32 am
livermore valley. afternoon only getting to about 60s with a mild day in store. breezy. 60s. low 70's through antioch, los gatos. into the north bay a mixture of 50s and 60s. and novado. '70s to santa rosa. '70s in napa. we do have some rainfall in the forecast. that is coming up in just a bit. >> new this morning police in san oroszko have a rustic two men with a connection in an armed robbery. the normally quiet balboa. the have--arrested. two people in the san francisco police department reporting it was a suspicious
9:33 am
device-in a vehicle. >> cellphone deaths/robberies are cellphone related. that's -- thefts.. also in new york city a major crime spree. it is estimated of costing consumers $30 billion. and threats of identity theft are at risk. however the cellphone industry is looking at creating a database of stolen cellphones and waking up the data. >> the break out of the fumblfumble meningitis with this outbreak. fungal meningitis. there have been 23 deaths according to the cdc. there have been 3 joint
9:34 am
infections. hundreds of people are getting sick. this pharmacy is in massachusetts that is to the voluntary recall. >> the body of the two men were retrieved last night after eight hours after this crashed near fire island off the coast of long island. they're not able to get the doors of the plane opened. >> this investigation is underway for this fire that destroyed four buildings in this historic neighborhood of new orleans. according to officials it started friday on the two-story abandoned home. it then spread across the street. investigators say that it had collapsed but so far, no injuries have been reported. >> the final word on lions armstrong could come tomorrow. on into final word on-lance armstrong. a public announcement is expected to be made. the anti-doping
9:35 am
report was made and found that he was involved in one of the most sophisticated, professional and a successful building programs. he has repeatedly denied those claims. the most successful -- alting programs. that decision will be made in switzerland. that most successful-auletta to op doping unleaded doping allege a program report citing him as guilty
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with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
9:38 am
>> welcome back. we are taking a look at the futurecast and we are looking at rainfall. it is expected by 10:00 p.m. towards san francisco and oakland. how will that impact the sports today? not really. let us take a look at the giants forecast. 4:37 and that cloud coverage will increase. 60s but not impacted by the rainfall. the raiders vs. the
9:39 am
jacksonville jaguars. temperatures will be in the mid '60s. your full forecast is coming up. first, let us go back to marty. >> a tavarez range overnight police call in vallejo. police and fire-a very strange phone call with a naked man with several vehicles with broken windows. and smoke started billowing out a second man appeared with a rifle and pointed it at an officer. the fellow police officers of as an open fire. the man was taken into custody and we're not sure of his condition. >> world news. the united nations reporting that roadside bombs of the taliban are by far the biggest killer of civilians in afghanistan. the taliban spokesperson is dismissing this report calling it western propaganda however
9:40 am
this is only using to used as targeted foreign troops. the united nations mission is urging insurgents to stop using roadside bombs altogether. >> the catholic church is making history a native american is being canonized. she was a non in canada. people believe that she performed the posthumous miracle. this flesh eating virus was parade in the was eventually healed. she was a- nun,, and canada. her sainthood is sanctifying and confirm that she is close to god. >> we have a professional chef to coming and with
9:41 am
tailgating items and ideas. overcast but it should not be impacting the game.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> welcome back. this is the view of the approach to the bay bridge with high clouds. there are a couple of a rain systems impacting us tonight and tomorrow. tuesday, it will be mainly in the morning. and alsot. mid 40's in santa rosa but let us take a look at this system. we are going to feel the wind pick up. and we are expecting that system to have our way tonight. we will track that on futurecast. with the increasing cloud coverage throughout the day.
9:45 am
rainfall and the green is indicating pretty light. widespread, overnight. it will pick up in intensity. for the north bay that yellow is indicating moderate downpour. fast track and these cells are moving by 11:00 a.m. and tapered off. pretty much, scattered showers. as we look for the afternoon highs it will be pretty mild. 60s through palo alto. and for the east bay inland valleys concord and mid-60s for castro valley. and along the coast 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay that wet weather will continue by wednesday. >> we are in the heart of the tailgating season. the giants, the playoffs, the
9:46 am
raiders, cal and stanford we could not think of a better place. a professional chef, jordan from napa thank you. >> thank you. >> let us talk about this concoction. >> we have a couple of big games. and of course the giants. it is important to san francisco. we are going to make a cocktail. this is available at the restaurant. >> to go to the world series. this is a tam lincecum lemonade. and also a mozito.
9:47 am
>> we try to bring a lot of chef inspired cocktails with inspired flavors from the kitchen to the bar. you want to have something perhaps something different than just pure. this is a couple of ounces of vodka. perhaps if you won something other than-pierr br p pieperhaps if yt something different than just beer this is ginger extract, lemoncello simple syrup and lemon slices and important for the ice to break it down with the
9:48 am
lemon juice and shake. >> we are always utilizing fresh juices at the restaurant. i am thinking tailgating. i think something refreshing. and perhaps even something hot. you wanted something that is nice and delicious and easy. >> correct you do not want to be modelin---or muddling fresh mint? or, you could use this in a parking lot. and you to really can smell that lemon. and also how
9:49 am
much experimenting did you have to do to come up with this? >> a little bit but the important thing is going to be the acidic and the balance of sugar. these are the things that will make a cocktail from harsh to something that is really well balanced. delicious, nice, a tasty. and pleasant to enjoy. >> how about this mozito... this is a special occasion. >> the entire confidence that they are going to go to the world series. something special. donjon thi dungeon uus, bouris, parmeson, crab and
9:50 am
chesse and enjoy vodka. whip this up and bake it. restaurent civee -- cuvee in napa but we wanted to try to focus on local ingredients and support the local community. 7% of the produce that we use this of course 70-percent of our items come from local produce even some of the
9:51 am
liqueurs. >> it is really intense. it is just perfect to support the local economy. in the valley, you really have to be on your game. >> it looks like the giants will also be on their games. >> thank you for sharing these recipes. these are both excellent chef jordan, thank you from the restaurant cuvee.. downtown napa valley. just go to the web site on your screen. .
9:52 am
thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty hththththththt
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>> somebody who bought a fantasy 5 ticket in south san francisco was sold at the west vallero station. 22, 4, 2, 22, 19 or the numbers. were the numbers. that is worth 200 to be thousand. >> 300,000 people joining. that-winning ticket is worth $250,000. >> of the sand castle event spent weeks designing these sculptures. the arts, education program " elite " reasons one half of its budget from this sponsorship competition. tim
9:56 am
tebow is trade marking his pose. he was photographed in on one knee cap and bawlin owing... they want to -- he was seen bowing.. >> let us remember that the san mateo bridge is still closed until monday at 5:00 a.m. but it is on schedule. and actually they may not even need to shut down the bridge for the entire weekend and next weekend. let me leave you with this seven day forecast with the clouds increasing today and tonight. the rainfall in some spots and the north bay and through tomorrow.
9:57 am
some clearing and by next week and we should see sunny and warm conditions. that will wrap things up. i am marty gonzales. go giants. hthththththththththththththththt
9:58 am
9:59 am
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